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Getting started

Replace the forms on your website, put your content and white papers online and make a first import of contacts!

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Replace your website forms

In Plezi, everything starts with content, so all your actions will need to be prepared in the “Settings” menu and implemented in the “Content” tab.

This is what allows us to measure the performance of your forms, landing pages, emails, social media actions etc.

A) Add the necessary fields:

B) Create or adapt your form template:

C) Put your form online:

Publish a white paper online

Beforehand, make sure you’ve prepared a landing-page template that matches your visual identity.

Then follow the detailed steps in our article on publishing a white paper online, these being:

  • Upload your content to Plezi;

  • Create a form and/or associated landing page;

  • Promote your white paper on social media or via an email campaign.

Carry out an initial contacts-import

Before following our article on importing contacts, make sure you have a clean database (with no “no longer at this address” statuses) in order to benefit from a good reputation on our router, so people don’t think you’re a spammer.

If you’re starting to get to grips with Plezi, maybe it’s time to move on to automation!

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