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Your first steps with Plezi

New to Plezi? Let our experts guide you and start your first steps by following these 4 steps to get started.

Onboarding: your first steps with the Happiness Factory

Find here all our resources to set up and get started on Plezi in just a few weeks!

Setting up your Plezi

Discover all our tips for setting up your Plezi to start generating leads as efficiently as possible.

Track everything !

How to track with Plezi? Come here to answer all your questions about tracking a link, a contact or a specific source.


Import your contact lists, identify your contacts, classify & use them! 15 articles to understand contacts' features and solve your doubts!


You can always learn more about your (future) customers. 16 articles in this collection to deeply understand all types of forms!


They are the ones who will attract & convert: to pamper!

Landing Pages

Want to create and customize your landing page? Discover all our tips to optimize your conversion pages.


How do emailing campaigns and automation work on Plezi? 17 articles in this collection to understand every emailing features!

Social medias

How do social medias work with Plezi? Find out about social media promotion and set up within Plezi.

Marketing automation (emailing campaigns & newsletter)

The right mail, at the right time, to the right person... Come here to answer all your questions about marketing automation!


How to create a real funnel for your customers? Come here to learn everything you need to know about workflows !


What is a good report? It's about tracking your KPIs, anticipating future actions to be taken and for that, Plezi helps you with its advice.


Plezi accompanies you: find the answers to the questions that our users most often ask in our F.A.Q.


Want to get Plezi to communicate with your favorite tools (CRM, Zapier, API) and having trouble? We can help you.

To go further with your settings

Find here our tips to use some more advanced settings within the Plezi platform.