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Add your form to your website
Add your form to your website

Do it so that the scoring can be associated with this content and you can then monitor your leads.

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Your form will be chosen in the “Publication” tab of your content. This is so that the scoring can be associated with this content and you can then monitor your leads.


  • Have you created or adapted your form template?

  • Have you created new content?

Go to your content’s “Publication” tab and click on “New form”;

Give this form a name (only visible to you) and choose from among the form templates.

Play around with the colours to match those of your website or landing page in preparation;

What to do after a form has been submitted. Choose:

  • A thank-you message or redirection to a URL of your choice;

  • To send a possible internal alert: you’ll receive an email detailing the completed form and the contact’s full history;

  • To send an email to your contact.

>> If you have configured these in the template, by default Plezi configures the fields “Name” “Email sender” and message “Subject”: you are free to edit these;

>> You can choose an email template (to edit the design);

>> The text appearing in the editor at the bottom of the page will replace the “merge” block that you will have added to the email template.


You have the option of automatically subscribing contacts to the newsletter of your choice

Don’t forget the consent text!

Last but not least: choose your form’s language. This depends on the one you chose for your landing page and workflow.

To find out more, read the article “How do I manage my forms in several languages?”

Another option: use a Landing Page to publish this white paper.

Tips and Tricks!

  • To find out more about creating a form, read the dedicated article;

  • The thank-you message will appear in place of the form on your page and must be configured under “Configuration > Thank-you messages”. Whether you use a message or redirect visitors depends on how your customer’s journey is organised. This must be consistent and offer new content, for example.

  • The email template must be configured in “Configuration > Email templates”;

  • If you don’t choose an email template, this will take the form of plain text, but will be designed with a width of 600px and a left margin;

  • If you choose not to send an email after a form is submitted, consider making your e-book available for download on a redirection URL (point 4.1).

  • NB: It is not possible to insert the same form (unique script) on the same page. 

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