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How do I add a field to my contacts?
How do I add a field to my contacts?

Find out how to add a field in your forms and to collect data visible on the contact profile to match the information in your database.

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In this article you will learn how to add a field to your contacts, this can help you for example to add information about a participation in a fair, or about the allocated budget.

  • To add a contact field, take a look here!

  • You can also follow our online step-by-step guide to help you create your field 😊


  • Have you thought about which fields to import into Plezi? They need to be able to segment your database: Plezi is not a CRM 😊

  • This will allow you to add these fields to your form templates. To create a form, read this article.

These fields will enable you to match the information contained in your database. They can be customised because Plezi’s starting list is not exhaustive.

To create a new field

  • Click on “Settings > Contact Attribute”;

  • Click on “Contact field”;

  • Choose the “Field type”.

What about Tags ?

You also have the option to make it a tag. This lets you choose who the content is intended for, and Plezi uses this type of information to then automatically build automated marketing scenarios.

📌Only "Dropdown lists" or "Multiple select"  type fields can be used as tags. 

How to add options to the "list" or multiple select" type field ?

If you have chosen a “List”, or “Multiple Choice” type field, you need to add which values to choose:

  1. Go to “Contact qualification – Values lists”;

  2. Select which field to edit;

  3. Add the values that this field may take;

  4. Confirm

Tips and Tricks!

  • ⛔️ The choice “Field type” will no longer be editable;

  • These new fields will be visible in the section “Customised attributes”

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