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How do I create a landing-page template?
How do I create a landing-page template?

Save time by already having configured your landing page’s visual identity. Understand how to create a template!

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How do I create a landing-page template?

To create or edit your landing-page templates, take a look here!


  • Have you created an ebook (with a document to download) or an offer (without a download – a contact form, for example)?

Why use landing pages?

To publish ebook-type content (which can be downloaded), we recommend putting a form on your website AND a landing page.

Visitors to your website must be able to access your form easily.

When you promote your content via an email or post on social media, direct people to your landing page. Because this talks only about your content, it will convert more people than your site does, which has distractions.

Forms and landing pages are complementary.

How do I create a landing-page template?

  1. Go to “Configuration > Landing-page templates” and click “+ Landing-page template”.

  2. Give your landing page a title.

  3. Customise your landing-page template to make sure the result is consistent with your website’s visual identity.

You can add merge fields from the text block to automatically add titles and teasers.

To do this, click on “Fields” from the text-editing bar.

Tips and Tricks!

  • Create different types of landing page in order to identify which ones convert more people. Whether you have bullet points in your content, comments on you’re the benefits of your product or even words about the author, it is important to know what resonates with your target audience.

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