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My white paper is online ! What's next ?
My white paper is online ! What's next ?

Best practices for forms: everything in 5 minutes of reading! Form or landing page? Thank you message or redirection?

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To publish your white paper on your Plezi page, take a look here!


  • Is your white paper (ebook) less than 10Mb?

There are three stages to publishing your white paper (e-book) online:

  1. Upload your e-book to Plezi;

  2. Create your form;

  3. Create your landing page. 

  4. Is it online? Tell people on social media!

Form or landing page?

This is the million-dollar question! And your answer depends on the journey your visitors take through this content:

  • Did they come by it via social media, an email, a CTA that invited them to download a white paper? Don’t hesitate, create your landing page, for which there is only one option: complete the form that appears on it. It must be designed as an advertising page, fully dedicated to your e-book. It needs to encourage the visitor to download it, avoiding any distraction, and therefore be simple and effective. Take advantage of Plezi’s advice by reading our article Building an effective landing page;

  • Is the visitor already on your site? The form is your superpower. It must be placed on the page of your content and thereby avoid an additional click towards a landing page, which will also take them away from your site.

And then…. do you leave a thank-you message or redirect them to a URL?

After a form has been submitted to download your e-book, you have a choice:

  • Either to replace this form with a thank-you message: e.g. “We have received your request – thank you! Check your inbox again soon, your content is on its way!”;

  • Or to redirect your visitor to a new URL.

There again, it’s your customer journey that decides on which option you choose:

  • If the visitor is on a landing page, it’s a dead-end: it is therefore better to offer new content by redirecting them to a URL. However, think about thanking them for downloading the e-book and letting them know when and how they will receive it;

  • If your visitor is on your site, your page must be designed in such a way as to invite them to continue browsing.

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