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How do I configure lists values?

Mr/Mrs/Ms are "marital status” fields. Let’s take a look at how to configure them in Plezi!

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To configure your lists value in Plezi, take a look here!


  • Have you created the field in sync with this list value?

The list values is required only in the case of a “drop-down" or "multiple selection” list, because it involves a visitor choosing from several options (e.g. the list of functions).

You can scroll to the end of this page to know how to hide some values !

To add, supplement or change a list values:

1.Click on the field that you want the details for;
2.Add “New” to add manually
3.Or on “Import in XLSX format” to import a list in all of the languages used (English / French mandatory)
4.Add as many as necessary ;-)

Tips and Tricks!

  • If you decide to delete one of these values, it will automatically be deleted from all of the contacts, without the option of keeping a history.

But how to choose the values displayed in a drop-down / multiple-choice list?

In what context?

Do you have a list of world countries and is your form only intended for your European contacts?
Are you addressing all the functions of a business and is your form dedicated to downloading a product reserved for HR?

These two examples demonstrate that you might need a more specific form for a particular even, product launch etc.

How do I do this in Plezi?

  1. 1.Go to your form template and identify which field to limit;

  2. 2.Click on the options for this field;

  3. 3.Choose “Limit the choice to certain values";

  4. 4.Select the values that you want to appear;

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