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How do I promote my content on social media?
How do I promote my content on social media?

Use social media to reach a bigger audience. Go to the content you want to share, click on the Promotion tab and choose the social network.

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  • Have you linked your social networks to Plezi?

  • Have you created a landing page so your customers can request your amazing content?

  • Have you written your messages and planned how and when to send them?

To promote your content on social media:

  1. Go to the content you want to share and click on the “Promotion” tab;

2. Choose the social network;

3. Enter the date and time you want to send it;

4. Add the link to your landing page;

5. Automatically re-enter the title of your content;

6. Why don’t you add an image?

7. Add your message: #Hashtaghappy or a hook full of spirit. It’s up to you to play around!

Here’s a summary of your promotion:

Tips and Tricks!

Facebook will get its own picture to add, within an open graph tag in your header. These tags are what let you add a title, description, image and other elements to Facebook. Make sure you add them!

To get a clearer view of your publications, go to your promotion calendar.

Find our recommendations here to post on social media.

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