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Practical example: add my contact form on my site?
Practical example: add my contact form on my site?

Strategic form: your visitors want to contact you! Make it easy for them :) Insert and modify a contact form by following these 6 steps!

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Pre-requisites :

  • Have you added the necessary fields (if not, it's here)?

  • And possibly their different values (if not, it's this way)?

The visitors who complete this form are usually at the decision stage: they are ready to contact a sales representative.
So you can ask precise and engaging questions.

Insert and modify a contact form

1. Go to "Configuration > Form template" and click on the edit button of the form template "Contact".

2. Once on the form, you will be able to choose and configure your fields ;

3. Go to your "Content" tab, and click on the content "Contact Request" which was created by default when you created your holder ; 

4. Go to the "Publication" tab, and click on the "Contact" form created for you ;

5. Validate its formatting & workflow;
6. Retrieve the script from the "Upload" tab and paste it in the appropriate place on your site.

Tips & Tricks !

  • Contact forms are linked to the "Decision" stage of the purchasing cycle: the scoring should reflect this. At Plezi, we assign a score of 40 to the submission of a contact form. To assign this score to your content, see this article

  • Add an internal alert in the workflow of this form because a hot lead that is not processed within 48 hours is a lost lead 😭. This internal alert will show all the fields of the form, but also all the history of this contact.

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