Connect your blog

To make sure your blogs load directly in Plezi, add your RSS feed.

Create your newsletter

You can create your newsletter once your first articles load in Plezi.

They’ll begin automatically depending on the frequency and selection rules of the chosen content.

Don’t forget to add your newsletter subscription form to your website.

Launch your smartcampaign

There’s no need for lots of content to activate your smart campaign: this will evolve constantly. Determine which content to integrate, tag it and create your smart campaign emails.

All you’ll need to do is configure your smart campaign before activating it.

Build and launch your workflows

Plezi workflows will enable you to automate the successive delivery of emails to your leads. You can create real scenarios depending on your contacts’ behaviour.


Congratulations, you are now a Plezi expert! Are you ready to use your new superpowers wisely? 🚀

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