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Plezi workflows: it all starts here!
Plezi workflows: it all starts here!

What do workflows do, how do you use them and where do I find the information at the Happy Academy?

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What are the new workflows and what will I be able to do with them?

Plezi workflows will allow you to automate the successive delivery of emails to your leads. You can create real scenarios depending on your contacts’ behaviour. The Plezi workflow module will therefore be a key ally in successfully developing your lead-nurturing strategies.

There are an infinite number of workflow ideas: it’s up to you to design the workflow that will allow you to tell a relevant story to your leads and to move them through the conversion funnel. The idea is to not do too many of them (1-3).

Here are few examples of workflows you can apply in Plezi:

  • A theme-based lead-nurturing workflow, which allows you to qualify your leads while letting them earn points with each proposed action;

  • A welcome workflow following a subscription to your newsletter or following the creation of a new account;

  • A workflow around your events/webinars leading to subscriptions (before) or activated following participation (after) to continue discussions;

  • A workflow to handle your database of inactive contacts;

  • Etc.

I want to get going, how do I start?

Read the following articles to launch your first workflow:

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