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Adding an email to an intelligent campaign

Do you have a new white paper for your intelligent campaign? Write the email that will get people to download it and Plezi will send it!

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  • To add an email to your intelligent campaign, go to your content in your Plezi account, take a look here:


  • Have you configured who will receive this content with your Tags?

This email will only be sent to your contacts that have not read the content it is linked to. It will be selected by Plezi according to the tags that you determined when you created the content: purchasing cycle, interest, job title, persona etc.

The aim of this intelligent campaign is to create a connection with your contact, to involve them and build rapport. You can therefore hook them differently to how you would with your traditional email campaigns: e.g. “I thought this article might interest you.”

To create or edit an intelligent-campaign email:

1. Click on the content (article, ebook etc.) that you want to add to your intelligent campaign;

2. Go to the “Automation” tab;

3. Click on “New email”;

4. Give your campaign a name and choose a template;

5. Customise your email using the editor: consider adding a CTA so the recipient can access your content😊 ;

6. Configure the email’s settings: subject and sender’s name and email;

7. Test your campaign;

8. Once you are sure, return to the “Campaign” tab and switch the status tab to “Published”;

9. Save your campaign (obviously)!

10. Return to the “Automation” tab. Your campaign should be there. Make it available in the “marketing automation process (= in your intelligent campaign”), in the right-hand column.

Well done! You have just created the first content for your intelligent campaign!

Tips and Tricks!

  • Consider copying the URL towards which you want to send your reader when they click on the CTA.

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