How do I link my blog to Plezi?

This article will show you how to automatically add your blog articles to Plezi, to promote them on social media or through your newsletter!

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This article will show you how to automatically add your blog articles to Plezi, it will help you to promote them through social networks or in your newsletter!

If you've already linked your RSS Feed but you don't know why your images don't appear, or how to load the summary, follow this article which talks about difficult subjects regarding RSS Feed.


  • You need to know your RSS feed URL. If not, follow this article to find it.

  • Check the configuration of your RSS feed and blog posts using this article.

To add your RSS feed:

  1. Click on “+ RSS Feed”;

  2. Add your feed’s URL;

  3. Choose the date of the oldest post that you want to import;

  4. Indicate (or not) a score allocated to contacts that have read a post (we don’t recommend this); 

  5. Confirm the URL;

  1. When you confirm the URL, you’ll see a list of posts that will be imported. Now is the time to check that the teaser looks right. If not, change the settings in your back-office;

  2. Click “Update” to start importing your blog posts.

Your blog posts should appear in the “Content” tab in just a few minutes 

Well done! 🎉

Your RSS feed can be disabled. After three attempts to reactivate it, Plezi will send you an email. What do you do?

To reactivate your RSS feed:

  1. Follow this link or go to “Settings > Connect your blogs”;

  2. The switch is grey so change it to green by clicking on it.

  3. Now that was straight forward wasn’t it!

Tips and Tricks!

  • Plezi imports your content every 30 minutes;

  • Once the blog post has been imported, any changes that you make to your blog will not be transferred to Plezi;

  • Your blog’s RSS feed will not be included in all of your blog posts. This depends on your blog’s configuration;

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