Publishing the first e-book via Plezi

Follow this article to upload your e-book on Plezi and promote its landing page.

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Before getting started make sure that:

  • Your contact form is online and your contacts are imported. 

  • You have made your onboarding appointment 1 and you are following this article to prepare your appointment 2. 

  • You have content (PDF format) that you wish to propose to your visitors following a form submission. 

Now it's your turn! 

To go deeper into the content strategy :

The idea is not to only create a simple e-book content. Making this content leads you to 5 questions that are essential to your overall understanding of Plezi : 

  • What content should I create? 

You have the answer! We advise you to create all types of content (e-book, articles, kits, etc.) for each stage of the purchasing cycle. 

📘 More info in this article.

  • How do I choose which fields I will use to tag my content?

In the majority of cases, the fields "Interest", "Function" and "Sector of activity" are used as Plezi tags. Look at your content and ask yourself the question "Who is this article or e-book for and how can I categorize it in Plezi?".

📘 More info in this article. 

💡 Don't forget to use the interest tag which will be VERY useful to qualify your contacts gradually.

  • How do I score my content? 

We advise you to score your contents according to the maturity of the contacts to whom they are addressed (e.g. 5 points for a discovery e-book, 20 for an evaluation e-book, 40 for a purchase e-book).

  • How do I promote my content? 

You can promote your content via social networks, an email campaign or your sponsored campaigns. 

📘 More info in this article (social networks) or this one (email campaign). 

What's next? 

  • If you follow the Plezi training, and the landing page of your e-book is published, then you are ready for the RDV 2! 

  • You training yourself, really ;) Then you can already move on to the next step: passing on my hot leads and connecting my tools. 

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