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We show you in detail the steps to put your white paper online and to modify your white paper for maximum flexibility.

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Upload your white paper (ebook) to Plezi:

  1. In the part “Content”, click on “+ Content”;

  2. Enter the title of your content and identify its type 

3. Add your teaser;

4. Upload your document;

5. Define who this content is intended for by using your tags;

6. Give this content a scoring;

Confirm and… it’s been saved!

What if I want to change my white paper ?

To upload your new PDF to Plezi, simply replace it within with identity record of your ebook content.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click  on your content-edit button;

2. Upload your new PDF to “Content-type properties”;

3. Make sure you update your content!

That’s it! Your visitors will now have access to your new PDF when they submit the form!

⚠️ Warning: the link to the content will change to match the name of the PDF. When you change the document, the link will therefore change. If you have shared a direct link to your content anywhere, make sure that you replace this with the new link. Within the workflow of your forms, the content’s URL is picked up directly via a merge field, so you don’t have to worry about changing it there 😊

Tips and Tricks!

  • The title of the content must be unique;

  • The teaser can appear automatically on the landing page and newsletters;

  • The score associated to the visit of a page doesn’t usually matter (0 or 1), but the download of an associated content must have a higher score, depending on the stage of the purchasing cycle.

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