What is a Tag?

Tags let Plezi know who to send your intelligent campaign and intelligent newsletter to. Now that’s clever!

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To change your tag settings, take a look here!


Have you decided which fields will determine your tags? 

What is a Tag?

A “Tag” lets you determine who receives certain pieces of content. Plezi uses this type of information to:

  • Automatically build automated marketing scenarios in “intelligent campaigns”;

  • Apply the rule “send blog posts according to contact tags”, in intelligent newsletters.

Any field (multiple-choice or scroll-down list) can become a tag and therefore appear in the properties of piece of content: simply select the field “Contact qualification” and tick the “Tag” box.

What is an “exclusive” Tag?

In an intelligent campaign, you may need to ensure that certain contacts associated with a brand, language or person (for example) do not receive content intended for others.

To do this, you must make some of your tags exclusive. You thereby tell Plezi that only contacts with this tag can receive this content.

For example, if you’re prospecting HR Directors and Finance Directors, you have to assume that they don’t face the same challenges. You therefore don’t send them the same content.

By ticking “Exclusive Tag” in the field configuration, the content tagged “Position – HR Director” will only be sent to HR contacts as part of your intelligent campaign.

How do you make a Tag “Exclusive”?

  1. Go to the menu “Configuration > Contact qualification”;

  2. Choose the field that you want to make an exclusive Tag and open it;

Tick the box “Exclusive tag”;

  1. When you go to the identity record of a piece of content, you’ll notice that your “Language” field has moved from the “Preferential Tags” section to the “Exclusive Tags” section.
    This e-book will only be send to the contacts who are in the "awareness" stage and who indicated they speak english.

Tips & Tricks 

  1. Fields that become Tags must be supplied as much as possible to enable Plezi to launch your intelligent campaigns. So use them in your forms!

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