Set up a contact form on my site

Follow this article to place your form on your contact page. Create your contact form in less than 10 minutes and customize it.

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Before getting started make sure that:

  • Your technical setup is now finalized. 

  • You have done your kickoff and you are looking at this article to get ready for your first meeting with us. 

It's up to you! 

Learn how to create your contact form thanks to this complete article.

More details on the  customization of your form :

The idea is not to only create a simple contact form. Making the form will lead you to ask yourself 5 questions that are essential to your overall understanding of Plezi : 

  • I want to ask other questions in my form, how do I do that? 

You can select the fields to add / replace / edit in the contact form template. 

📘 More info in this article.

  • The Plezi fields are not enough for me, can I create new ones? 

Of course you can! You can create new fields in the Configuration > Contact Qualification tab. For multiple fields or drop-down list, you can edit their values in the Configuration > Value List tab

📘 More info in this article.

  • How do I make sure my form complies with my site's charter? 

You can leave it up to your webmaster to apply your site CSS to the form. 

📘 More infos in this article.

  • How do I send an automatic email to contacts who enter their information on my form? 

This is the transactional email that you will configure.

📘 More info in this article

  • How do I import my contacts into Plezi with the right information?

If you have a database to import, don't forget to clean it and fill in the information that will distinguish your contacts. For example, some may be Customers, while others may be Prospects.  

📘Plus for more information in this article.

What next? 

  • If you're taking part in Plezi's training, and your contact form is published, then you are ready for Meeting 1! 

  • Are you training yourself? Really? 😉 Then you can already take the next step: publish your first white paper! 

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