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How do the field-display choices work in my form?
How do the field-display choices work in my form?

Visible, hidden label, mandatory, pre-filled, intelligent field: what display options are available for my fields?

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After having chosen which fields to place in your form template, you have the opportunity to edit their display options by clicking here:

The options are as follows:


  • Limit the choice to certain values: within the context of a multiple-choice field or a dropdown list, certain choices may not be relevant. You can therefore limit the list so that only those concerning your target appear.

  • Visible: when the box is unticked, the field will no longer be visible in the form and will be “hidden”. This option is useful if you want to take advantage of Plezi’s “hidden fields”, which allows you to fill in a field automatically with the value of your choice. For a more detailed explanation of this method, click here;

  • Hide the label: when this box is ticked, the label (name of the field) will no longer appear:

Make sure that you complete the placeholder so you can still give clear instruction to your leads 😉

Mandatory: when this box is ticked, it is not possible to submit the form without having completed this field. You can ask to add as asterisk to let people know, under the tab “Form layout”

Pre-fill with the existing value: if your contact has already filled in this field within a Plezi form in the past, this field will be pre-filled with their saved value:

Intelligent field: by ticking this box, the lead will not be asked to complete this field in subsequent forms associated with this template. To ask to replace this field with a new field, drag this replacement field into the box below:

In this example, the Company field is ticked as an “intelligent field”. When the form is visited next, the Company field will no longer be offered and will be replaced by the Position field.

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