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What are the VISITS in my reports?
What are the VISITS in my reports?

Definitions & frequently asked questions about the visits indicator

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📊 In which reports are the visits tracked?

The visits are displayed in the following reports:

You can also see them in the reports that show the conversion on the site (which is obtained by dividing the visits by the number of downloads)

🎓 What defines a visit?

To track a visit to your site, you need to have placed the Plezi tracking script on the site beforehand. When a person arrives on the site, the visit begins. The visit continues until there is a 30 minute period of inactivity from that visitor.

🙋🏼 Frequently asked questions about visits:

1. If I visit multiple pages in one session, how many visits are counted in the reports?

==> Only 1 visit.

2. If I filter some IP addresses, do their visits disappear from the reports?

==> No, the IP filter (Plezi Configuration > Tracking) does not apply retroactively.

3. Why is my number of visits different between Plezi and Google Analytics?

==> Both tools have tracking and filtering rules that are not 100% identical. More info in this article.

4. If I visit my site A, then go to site B (both tracked), am I counted as 1 or 2 visits?

==> 2 visits as long as the domain name between site A and site B is different. We advise you to track all your sites: for example, at Plezi, we have placed a tracking script on and a script on

5. If I delete a contact, will their visits disappear from my reports?

==> Yes. Deleting a contact means that their visits will disappear from the reports. NB: You have to wait or activate the next update of the reports for this to take effect.

6. Why can't I find the same total of visits between my different reports?

==> Be sure to compare these reports without a filter, and with the same date & time of update. To update all your reports, apply a new time period and wait for all reports to reload.

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