Install (and test) your tracking link

To find out what happens on each of your pages, track clicks, script and visits in your Plezi account, take a look here!

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  • To find your tracking script in your Plezi account, take a look here!

  • To launch the tutorial that will guide you directly to your Plezi account, take a look here (COMING SOON) 😊


Integrating your forms into an existing page on your website requires the presence of jQuery. If jQuery is not installed on your website, you can install it using the CDN of your choice.

The tracking script lets Plezi:

  • Monitor all visits to your site;

  • Pre-fill forms.

You must add it to all pages on your website. It is inserted automatically on the Landing Pages created by Plezi.

To find your tracking script in Plezi and test the update on your website:

  1. Go do the “Configuration > Tracking your websites” menu;

2. Copy the script;

3. a. If you have Google Tag Manager (recommended): insert the script into your GTM.

Type: customised HTML tag

3. b. If you do not have Google Tag Manager: paste the script on every page of your website.

Position: header

You can follow this link to find out how to user a WordPress plugin that does this job for you 😊 

If you want to easily test the presence of your tracking link on your website:

a. Modifying the name and domain of the tracking link

b. Testing the presence of the tracking link on a URL

c. Adding a new tracking link,

  • If you have several websites;

  • If you want to differentiate the (language) versions of your website;

  • Or if you blog is on a URL independent of your website.

Tips and Tricks!

  • This code needs to be put in the same places as the Google Analytics code;

  • It’s possible for your to embed it thanks to Google Tag Manager;

  • There are plug-ins that allow you to automatically place the tracking link in all of your pages. For WordPress it’s:

  • To see how to do this, follow this link 😊

  • The “Implementation guide” that has been sent to you details all the technical settings (jQuery, tracking link etc.).

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