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You know your visitor's and lead's origin, but have you considered medium report? It gives the number of downloads, not the one of new leads

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To find the report "Conversion by medium", head to the report page to follow the conversion of your website ! You do not know how to get to this page, please read this article on the basics of Plezi reports.

The conversion by medium report is only available as a table. You will nevertheless be able to filter different mediums in the table.

These datas indicate you which mediums are the most effective for your download, depending on the number of visits.

📌 This report gives the number of downloads and not the number of new leads.

Analysis of this report :

It is interesting to compare the different ways your lead can access to your content. With this, you can :

  • See if the message is adapted to each of your funnels : the tone and topics covered on Facebook will not be the same as those covered in your emails.

  • See if some landing pages are more effective than others (see report conversion by content or by landing page) : it is necessary to identify and focus on what works

  • By comparing this report with new leads by medium, you can determine which mediums are relevant for reaching new contacts, and which are relevant for reaching existing contacts ;

  • Take some time to compare the quality of the leads from each channel + their conversion in terms of sales, thanks to your CRM ; E;g; leads from sponsored links do not transform. Work on the reasons: poor keywords, irrelevant content, target not present in the chosen funnel, etc.

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