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Good practice for reports in Plezi
Good practice for reports in Plezi

What reports to create and how to interpret the data in order to evolve your strategy? The best practices summarized in this article.

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Plezi has published its new reports online: these four reports will enable you to take your analysis even further.

To find out more, read this dedicated article!

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1. How do I create a new report?

  • Go to your dashboard, click on “+ add a report” and select the report that you want.

  • The list of reports appears: when you select one of them, you can choose from different types.

>> presentation: list, bar chart, cumulative statistics, zones etc.

>> option: website, contact list, content list, form list, sources etc.

  • You can change the period of time for which the report is created by clicking the edit button to the right-hand side of the period shown:

2. What reports should I create and how do I use the information?

a) Your website conversions

Aim: to measure your website’s performance

As you can see, the figure to look out for is the number of downloads.

To find our more, read this article on your website conversions.

b) Website visits and new leads

These reports will help you determine changes in your traffic and the number of leads to your website.

The aim is to understand trends (why the sudden drop in traffic, for example?) and to work out if your actions are bearing fruit (has the launch of an Adwords campaign generated more leads?).

c) Visits by source

The aim here is to identify sources that create more traffic to your website. As well as seeing if your marketing actions are effective, you can optimise sources that work, while seeking to improve your performance for other sources. To find out more, and to ask yourself the right questions, take a look at this comprehensive article.

d) Leads by source

The aim of this report is to enable you to understand where your lead-conversions come from. You can click on the sources to isolate those on which you have focused your efforts.

To find out all you need to know and to get some tips on this report, read this dedicated article.

e) Conversion by source

This data tells you which sources–proportional to the number of visitors—are more effective at leading to downloads.

If you want to find out more on which questions to ask yourself to analyse this information, take a look at our dedicated article.

f) Other reports to monitor

  • Landing-page conversions: we believe that a landing page must convert at least 20% of visitors;

  • Simple email statistics so you can see which types of communication work for your target market. Read this dedicated article here.

  • Your intelligent email campaigns’ open rates and click through rates to let you know what you can rely on and what you need to develop. This information can be found in the “automation” part of your Plezi account. Click on the blue icon to the right of your intelligent campaign, then go to the “content” tab.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Name your reports (otherwise Plezi will give them a title by default)

  • If your content/landing page hasn’t generated visits for a given period, the line won’t appear within the associated report.

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