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Why don’t my teams receive Plezi emails?
Why don’t my teams receive Plezi emails?

Why aren't my teams receiving Plezi emails? Find out everything you need to know about setting up group addresses and spam!

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To simplify your life, use group email addresses such as:


  • Notify people after a form has been submitted.

  • Send internal email campaigns

Excellent idea! This is clearly simpler.

However, these are internal aliases that can only be addressed by emails for which the sending email address has the same root: and which are not communicated externally.  

Our recommendations:

For notifications:

Identify the right people and use their email addresses– not aliases

For email campaigns:

  • Make sure you have your colleague’s email addresses in Plezi (to do this you need to carry out an import)

  • Create a contact list with the condition “Property > Email ? contains ?”

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