There are several ways to synchronize your contact lists between Plezi and your CRM. 

1. Uni-directional interface with Zapier (Plezi --> CRM)

You can pull up contact information generated in Plezi, in your CRM. In this sense, simply create what’s called a “Zap”, which you can configure directly in Zapier. 

The list of  CRMs offering a Zapier connector is available here.

For more information on this approach, read this article

2. Bi-directional Interface (Plezi CRM) 

You also have the option to synchronize Plezi and your CRM in both directions, thanks to the integration of a bi-directional connector.
This option is available at an additional cost. Contact us on chat if you're interested ;) 

If you have subscribed to this option, you need to ask our happiness factory to enable this feature in your account. 

Our connector is available for the following CRMs: 

To find out more about the installation, read the following article: the connector interface

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