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New email standards Google/Yahoo
New email standards Google/Yahoo

Google makes unsubscribing from emails easier

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Since February 1, 2024, Google has been recommending an automatic unsubscribe link on Gmail and Yahoo messaging tools.

Why is this link recommended ?

Facilitating unsubscription is an advantage for senders, as it simplifies the user experience and prevents recipients from marking their mail as spam.

In fact, the presence of this link in the header of your emails is recognized by certain sending platforms, enabling Gmail, for example, to display a direct unsubscribe link.

Unsubscribing from an email communication now becomes easier.

The unsubscribe link is displayed by Google and may require several emails to be sent.

We have confirmed with our sending email server that the unsubscribe link is correctly configured. The rules for this link to appear are set by Google.

Unfortunately, we can't determine why it is or isn't displayed in your email header.

NB: Google does not specify the number of emails required to activate it.

Activate the unsubscribe link in your email header

To configure the unsubscribe link in your email header, follow these steps:

Go to the Configuration > Plezi Configuration menu :

  • In the General tab > "Unsubscribe email" field :

  • In this field, enter an existing email address with an email domain name identical to the one declared during DNS configuration.

No unsubscription notification will be sent to this email address; this is a technical configuration item only.

The declared domain name is generally the one indicated in the sender email addresses when an email is sent.

(Example for Plezi:

And then, you're all set! 💥 You don't need to do anything else.

To learn more about DNS, click here!

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