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What are the LEADS in my reports?
What are the LEADS in my reports?

Definitions and frequently asked questions about lead scoring

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📊 In which reports do we see them?

The leads are displayed in the following reports:

🎓 What defines a lead?

A lead is a "new" contact in Plezi. It can be a contact that fills out a Plezi form for the first time, or a contact you added to Plezi that wasn't there before (manual add, import, add via API).

🙋🏼 Frequently asked questions about leads:

1. How do I not show leads I added myself in Plezi?

==> In the New Leads report, you can filter your leads by contact list:

==> In the New leads by medium and New leads by medium-source report, you can exclude the medium "offline":

2. If I filter certain IP addresses, are the leads generated with these IPs counted?

==> Yes. To avoid counting collaborators' emails, we advise you to clean them up regularly (by creating an "email > contains >" list) or to exclude them from your filters (by creating an "email > does not contain >" list).

3. If I delete a lead, will it disappear from my reports?

==> Yes. Deleting a contact will reduce the number of leads in the reports. NB: You will need to wait or activate the next report update for this to take effect.

4. Why can't I find the same total number of leads between my different reports?

==> Be sure to compare these reports without a filter, and with the same update date & time. To update all your reports, apply a new time period and wait for all reports to reload.

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