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What is the MATURITY of contacts in my reports?
What is the MATURITY of contacts in my reports?

Indicators & frequently asked questions on contact maturity

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📊 In which reports is contact maturity tracked?

Contact maturity (MQL threshold, buying cycle phase) appears in the following reports:

🎓 What defines the maturity of a contact?

The maturity of a contact is measured in points, thanks to the Plezi scoring system. It is YOU who defines the thresholds of points sufficient to :

  • move to the MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) stage

  • advance your contacts from one phase to another (Discovery, Evaluation and Purchase)

To define them, go to Plezi Configuration > Lifecycle.

🙋🏼 Frequently asked questions about contact maturity:

1. If I change the points threshold to MQL or to move from one phase to another, will my reports change?

==> Yes, past data will recalculate based on the new thresholds set. NB: You have to wait or activate the next update of the reports for this to take effect.

2. I am having trouble comparing the figures between the "Contact Progress in the Purchase Cycle" report and the "Contact Maturity" report, why do the figures not match?

==> These two reports give different information. The first one shows the movement of your leads during the month (a person can be counted in all 3 stages during the same period if they are moving quickly in their thinking); the second one is a "picture" that summarizes the stock of leads in progress (each lead can only be in one stage, so there are no duplicates)

3. Over the same period, my number of contacts that have become MQLs may differ from the number of contacts that have entered the evaluation phase, even though the points threshold is the same. Why is this?

==> These data are difficult to compare "to the touch" as there are several scenarios that can cause these differences to change:

  • When a contact arrives in Plezi via a content request in the purchase phase, they will be directly in the purchase phase without going through the discovery or evaluation phase ==> They will be counted as MQL, but not as a contact in the evaluation phase.

  • When a contact moves from one stage to another in the same period, it can be counted several times in the "Contact progress in the buying cycle" report. ==> It will be counted as MQL, and it may be in the evaluation and/or purchase phase (duplication possible).

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