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Choose the time slot for sending your workflow actions
Choose the time slot for sending your workflow actions

Customize your "delay" block to maximize the impact of your workflow!

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What's that?

The "delay" block is evolving! We now allow you to select periods within the deadlines in order to better manage your workflows! You don't want a prospect to receive an email at the weekend? Yes, you can!

With the new "delay" block, you can customize the slots during which the delay is precisely taken into account! So, no more risk of ending up on a deadline ending at 4:18 am, unless you think your prospects are insomniacs!

Here's how you could use this option:

  • Not to over-solicit your contacts: decide not to launch your actions on the days of your regular communications (newsletter, smart campaign) ;

  • To contact your leads when they are active: set the sending of emails during the week and during the day;

  • To avoid alerting sales representatives when they are busy: for example during their outbound prospecting slots.

How does it work?

Setting a day or time slot is absolutely optional. It is you who ask for it by checking the box "Customize time slot".

When a contact goes to the deadline stage, after the specified time period has elapsed:

Option A: He is in the given time slot and therefore goes to the next step without any problem;

Option B: It is not in the given time slot, and will therefore wait until it enters the given time slot before moving on to the next step.

🤓 For more information: The contact will go to the next step at the start time of the next available slot or at the time they enter the time block, as the case may be.

An example to illustrate this point: imagine a delay block (D+1) with the option selected: Wednesday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, followed by an email :

  • Charles enters the deadline block Monday at 9h ==> at D+1 it will be Tuesday ==> he will receive the email Wednesday at 10h.

  • Adeline enters the delay block Monday at 11:30 am ==> at D+1 it will be Tuesday ==> she will receive the email Wednesday at 11:30 am.

  • Renaud enters the deadline block Monday at 7pm ==> at D+1 it will be Tuesday ==> he will move on to the next stage Wednesday at 10am

Some best practices:

  • In general, Saturday is not a good day to send an email. There is a lot less traffic and leads coming in. So it will be more relevant to send your emails during the week!

  • Put a human touch in your emails: when you receive an email at 2am, you're bound to think it's an automatic email:( But by receiving it during the day, it gives more interaction with the person you're talking to, and you already feel closer!

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