How to add sources in Plezi?

You generate leads through partner sites or trade shows & want to track them in Plezi? It's possible with Zapier!

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When do you need to add sources in Plezi?

  • You're having a trade show, collecting business cards that you store in an excel file (or any app available at the event). 

  • You have placed white papers on partner sites that send you a list of download requests.

  • You organize an event that is relayed on other sites .

And above all, you want to identify the ROI of these partnerships. To do this, you want to trace the origin of the new contacts that enter your Plezi. 

Note: the principle is to identify the origin of new contacts: this source will not overwrite the "origin" data already present in Plezi.

How to do this?

A zap... quite simply :)
To do this, you need 

Where can we find this source in Plezi?

A. In the file of your identified visitors - heading "first contact".
This info can be exported to your CRM

B. In contact lists: this criterion can be used as a sort condition
C. In the reports, including visits by source

Please note: if you wish to change the color of the sources in these reports, go here

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