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What is Zapier and what links are possible with Plezi?
What is Zapier and what links are possible with Plezi?

I want to link Plezi to my other tools via Zapier (CRMs, events, webinars, etc.). What actions will I be able to set up?

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Before we begin…

  • The Plezi app has been published on Zapier since March 2019 🎉

  • You’ll find all the possible Plezi zaps here;

  • Creating a Zapier account only takes a few minutes. For fewer than 5 zaps, all you need is the free version (more info on the offers).

Zapier is a formidable invention that lets your software tools communicate between each other, whether this concerns:

  • your CRM;

  • your events and webinar-organisation tools

  • your sponsored campaign tools;

  • plug-ins facilitating conversion;

  • or even Plezi! 🏆

To put it simply, when an event is created in an Application (A), you can initiate specific actions towards B, or even C, D etc. Zapier opens a whole range of possibilities… and there’s no need to be a geek to master it! 🤓

Used intelligently, Zapier allows you to:

  • centralise the results of your marketing operations in Plezi (events, webinars, sponsored campaigns);

  • forward your leads to the right people or the right tools.

Linking Plezi and Zapier is therefore a major asset. 

Zapier and Plezi: the Basics

Watch the video 📽:

[coming soon]

To sum up 📝:

When you create a new zap, you always arrive on the same modular interface. The screen is divided into two parts providing an overview to the left, and more details to the right.

You must first define the TRIGGER, and then the ACTIONS that you want to carry out.

  • Used as a TRIGGER, Plezi enables you to send the following information:

  • Used as an ACTION, here is what will be available to you in your Plezi account:

Examples of Plezi zaps that are smashing it! 🙌

a. Starting point: Plezi 🛫 

Unleash your Plezi leads on your other tools:

  • I want to send my warm leads to my CRM (article coming soon);

  • My leads are subscribing to my webinar via my Plezi form and I want to upload this information to my webinar tool (NEW TRIGGER: Contacts by content downloaded) (article coming soon) 

  • I want to export contacts that have requested a piece of content to a separate table, to share it with other people/tools (NEW TRIGGER: Contacts by content downloaded) (article coming soon) 

b. Destination Plezi 🛬

Retrieve sources of external leads to centralise your marketing and nurturing actions in Plezi:

  • I want to add events to my contacts’ history and score these actions (participation at a trade show or webinar, a telephone conversation etc.) (NEW ACTION: Add event to contact) (article coming soon) 

  • I am organising an event via my ticketing platform and am uploading subscriptions to Plezi instantly (article coming soon) 

  • A partner/sales rep is sending me leads (via a table or tool), I want them to land directly in Plezi without having to go through repetitive exports/imports.

  • I’m carrying out lead-generation campaigns via premium services (e.g. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms), I want to import new contacts into Plezi.

☀️ Have you found your happy? ☀️

To go a little further:

  • Read this article (coming soon) to find out if your tools or zap needs are achievable.

  • Thousands of zaps are possible…. so why not let us know when you come up with new ones? Firstly because we’re curious and secondly so we can turn it into a new article! 📝

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