There are 2 types of connection between Plezi & your CRM:

  1. Use one of our connectors: bi-directional connection

  2. Using Zapier: uni-directional connection

I use a Plezi connector

There are 3 types of synchronizations

  1. Automatic: every 2 hours (managed by Plezi, without any action on your part).
    This synchronization takes place in both directions > Plezi updates itself with your CRM data every 2 hours and sends it the new information within the same time frame. 

  2. After submission of a form by your contact: immediate.
    Plezi sends the information to your CRM faster than lightning ⚡️

  3. Manual: immediate.
    The shares circulate in both directions. A real 8-lane American-style highway! 


I use Zapier

Zapier transmits the information with a speed that depends on your plan, and which ranges from 1 to 15 minutes.


Please note: we are currently connecting with SalesForces, Zoho, Pipedrive, MD 365, Hubspot, VTiger and SAS C4C.

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