Transferring qualified leads & connecting Plezi to your CRM

Follow this article to connect Plezi to your CRM and other possible tools.

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Before getting started

  • Forms must be placed on your website, contacts as well content added on Plezi

  • You feel ready to transfer qualified leads to the sales people

Ask yourself the following questions first:

  • When is a lead qualified for me to pass it over the sales team?

Plezi considers that a lead is qualified depending on the score you setup. In order for you to determine the score that adapts the best for you take into account the maturity of your market, the level of your competitors and the average sales cycle (in months).
Eg.: at Plezi, when a lead reaches 20 points (enters the Evaluation phase) we considered it qualified.

  • How to send the qualified leads (MQL) to the CRM of the salesteam?

It is really up to you according to how things happen internally.

Although Plezi offers 3 ways of sending leads to your salespeople:

  1. Through automatic notifications from Plezi to your email

  2. Via Zapier to your CRM (one way only)

  3. Directly via our integrated connection from Plezi to your CRM (two ways via Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, V-Tiger and Microsoft Dynamics)

  • How will I make sure then that the right person will be informed to contact a lead?

Plezi can send you and your teammates email alerts so you can know when a new leaf has become qualified.
In our case, we have SDRs (Sales Development Representatives) that are the people in charge of treating the qualified leads that they receive from our marketing department. Then, we qualify the MQL (so it can become an SQL) and double check that the value, budget, decision maker and timeline are there.

  • Are there any other tools or platforms that I can connect to Plezi?

Of course! There are plenty of other great platforms that you can connect to Plezi via Zapier. Think about webinar platforms or event platforms. Those are also great ways of generating new leads and through a simple connection you can have them on Plezi to nurture them.

  • I have very specific forms and needs as well as internal tools to connect to Plezi. How can I do that?

The answer is simple! Here you will find our full API documentation so that you can forward it to your IT department.

You may also find here a simpler version that explains exactly what you can connect through APIs.

And now?

  • Well, if you are in the onboarding process and you feel at ease you can start connecting your CRM. Otherwise, feel free to talk about it with your onboarder and make sure that you are making the right choice (direct integration, Zapier or APIs).

  • If you have an IRON package you may also move on to the next step which is: AUTOMATION! 😉

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