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Progress of contacts through the buying cycle
Progress of contacts through the buying cycle

How are my leads progressing in my buying cycle? Interest and interpretation tips on this report.

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What is the purpose of this report?

  • To judge the dynamics of your marketing actions;

  • To follow the movements of your leads during the month;

  • You will want to follow it in cohorts, thanks to the contact list filters, to identify the behaviour of each of your targets.

What is included in this report?

This report shows the movements of a lead through the different stages. A person can therefore be counted in the 3 stages during the same month, if they move quickly in their thinking. A contact can also move directly into the purchase phase if they fill in a contact/quote/demo request form (form generally scored > 40 points).

The thresholds that determine the number of people per phase are set in "Configuration > Plezi configuration > Life cycle".

Having defined the number of points for a contact to become an MQL & the number of points to enter the evaluation/buying phase, I will identify the phase to be nurtured for my sales people to receive leads.

How do I analyse this report?

Your goal is to see the number of contacts in the evaluation / purchase phase grow.

I'm generating a lot of leads, but not moving them through the funnel

I have a good acquisition strategy, but I don't nurture my leads enough. I need to launch actions to nurture them, such as invitations to webinars, or the creation of long-lasting content, so I create content & nurturing campaigns (workflow, smart campaign, invitation emails etc.)

My numbers are consistent across the 3 phases

I run marketing campaigns that move my leads through each stage 🥳

I can't find the same numbers between the MQL report & this one

To understand these differences, you should bear in mind that :

  • The threshold of the MQL may differ from the threshold for entering the evaluation / purchase phase. This is a setting you make in the "Plezi Configuration" section.

  • A contact can, during the same month, move from one stage to another: it is therefore normal that in this example, the sum of contacts in each stage is greater than the sum of MQLs transmitted.

Good to know!

  • All these figures are clickable & the lists are exportable

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