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Monitoring my MQLs

How can I easily find the contacts I send to my sales representatives?

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What is the point of this report?

  • To give you the total number of contacts you have made to your sales people;

  • Easily track the contacts made to your sales people & see what the follow-up was;

  • Knowing the average time to become an MQL, you can now predict how long it will take to send them a set number of leads;

  • Demonstrate the impact of your inbound strategy, which decreases the time it takes to nuture a lead.

What is included in this report?

MQLs are contacts that have been passed on to your sales reps because they have reached the score determined in "Configuration > Plezi Configuration > Lifecycle".

These contacts can be leads (new contacts) or contacts that have been reactivated following a marketing action on your part.

An average duration to be taken with a grain of salt

Your objective is to reduce the average number of days required to send a contact to your sales team. However, the calculation made here takes into account the age of the lead using their first contact with your website (i.e. before they even converted), for example the first time they came to your blog. A large disparity in the figures may show that you have reactivated leads that have been dormant for a while (as in this case in September & October). Given the volume of leads, the slightest difference has a strong impact.

How can you use this report to predict the future?

Having identified that it took you an average of 60 days to send leads to your sales people, and knowing that you have been sending an average of over 200 leads per month since All Saints' Day, you can calculate how long it will take to generate your lead target.

Good to know!

  • All these figures are clickable & the lists are exportable

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