Conversion monitoring (of forms)

How can I judge the impact of my marketing actions on the performance of my website?

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What is the purpose of this report?

The purpose is to monitor the dynamism of your overall marketing strategy. It can also be used to :

  • Track the reactivation of your existing contacts, not captured in the "New leads" and "New leads by source" reports;

  • Judge the performance of your website;

  • By filtering on a content, you can follow its evolution over a given period (for example the contact form);

  • By filtering also on a contact list, you can measure the impact of your actions on a target.

What is taken into account in this report?

Conversion is the number of times a form is submitted. The conversion rate of a website is equal to the number of forms submitted / the number of visits.

It represents all forms submitted to your website (including new leads & existing contacts) and can be filtered by form to track critical ones and by contact list.

Some examples:

  • I want to compare all my new leads with the conversion of my website: here, I see that my acquisition policy is dynamic: 66% of my forms come from new leads.

  • The conversion rate of my website is 10% 🥳

  • We follow very closely certain forms, on which marketing is objectified because they are hot leads to be passed on to sales: demo requests for example.This could also be contact or quote forms.

Note: This report does not include imported contacts: the number of leads may therefore be higher than the number of conversions because it also includes imported contacts for which there is no conversion.

Good to know!

  • Each of the figures in pink is clickable and the lists are exportable

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