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How do I make sure that a zap exists between Plezi and my other tool?
How do I make sure that a zap exists between Plezi and my other tool?

More than 1000 zaps are possible with Plezi! Check that YOUR zap will be, following these steps. Define the direction of your zap!

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  • You have a Zapier account

  • You know the principle of Zapier? If not, take a look here. 

When you create a zap, you probably intend to link at least two tools together, this being Plezi and another. 

So that your dream zap is becomes a reality, first check that it is definitely possible, by following these steps:

Step 1: Define the direction of your zap 

  • If you want to send a Plezi lead to another app ==> Plezi will be your TRIGGER

  • If you want to create or update a contact in Plezi ==> Plezi will be your ACTION

Step 2: Check that the other app is available on Zapier 

... and that the actions that you want to carry out are definitely available. 

==> All good? So get going! 

If you don’t find the app... 

The Plezi app is public on Zapier, but this isn’t the case with all tools. If you’re surprised that your other other isn’t there, get in touch with their support team. They may be able to share a private invitation to use the app on Zapier. Remain hopeful! 

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