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Track and analyse my visits by medium
Track and analyse my visits by medium

Track and analyze your visits by medium to understand where your visitors come from and what actions to take to boost their conversion.

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The report "Visits by medium" : you can use this report if you want to analyse and compare your mediums. As always, you have different choice in terms of forms :

Flexible reports

 You generate a report that can be modulated according to the options you choose: whether or not to include certain mediums and thus highlight the origin of your visits.

Analyzing this report

Isolate the sources that bring the most traffic to your site. In addition to determining whether your marketing actions are effective, you can optimize the mediums that work, while looking to improve your performance on others.

To do this, ask yourself questions such as: 

  • How do contacts get to my site? For example, if you have an important traffic coming from backlinks (indicated by the medium "referer"), it is interesting to know the list of sites that refer to your pages. To do this, you can use tools such as ahrefs or semrush

  •  On which page do visitors arrive? Check that your landing pages match the needs of your visitors, and that the information is easily accessible. For example, if someone arrives from a Google search, the keyword used must be above the waterline of the landing page. 

  • Is the route proposed to my visitors clear? Make sure you always offer your visitors to continue their browsing via CTAs, and make your forms easily accessible to encourage downloading. Your blog should also be highlighted, as it demonstrates your expertise and speaks of your news.

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