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GDPR – Cookies question
GDPR – Cookies question

Which application of the GDPR should I opt for? When and how to use cookies and what are the consent rules?

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When should I use cookies?

The general principle described by the French national commission for information technology and civil liberties (CNIL) is that the use of cookies resembles the processing of personal data and therefore requires getting consent, unless:

A. The use of cookies is essential to the provision of the service requested by the web user

B. It relates to statistical cookies that meet the following conditions:

  • User information ✅:

  • In the absence of cross-checking with other processing.

In the case of Plezi, cross-checking only happens after the web user has completed a form and accepted the confidentiality policy (which leads us to condition A) ✅:.

  • Use solely for the purpose of anonymous statistics and not for the purpose of monitoring the browsing of different sites ✅:

  • The life of the cookie and data gathered is a maximum of 13 months ✅:

  • The use of the IP address to locate the web user is not used to determine their road  ✅:

What conclusions should I draw from this?

Consequently, as soon as your cookies meet these criteria, you don’t need to get consent from web users; you simply need to let them know that you use cookies.

Plezi can therefore be used without any formality or specific notice that needs to be integrated, apart from the information banner on the home page.

And we add additional information on our page “Confidentiality policy”

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