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Every step to creating your first workflow
Every step to creating your first workflow

The steps to get started on creating your workflow. Have in mind its objective, path and target: we show you the rest.

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  • You have a clear idea of the workflow that you want to put in place: its objective, its target and its pathway.

  • Do you get stuck when it comes to designing your workflow? Follow the advice of our marketer Adeline in this article.

  • You’ve created a list of contacts (here) to prepare yourself for the very first stage of the workflow.

  • You have at least one campaign template (here) to help you create your workflow emails.

Here are the steps to creating your first workflow:

  1. In the Automation tab, click on “+new scenario”

2. Click on “New workflow”;

3. Give it a title (you can edit this later);

4. Select the element Trigger – Contact list and place it above your workflows;

5. A configuration pop-up window will appear:

a. select your choice of list;

b. select how you will include the contacts;

c. click on “Confirm”;

5. Select your choice of Action and place it after your Trigger:

  • If the action is an email: you will be able to choose between creating a new email or selecting one from among those already created for your workflows:

  • If the action is a timeframe: choose the duration of this timeframe:

6. Connect your Trigger to the Action you’ve just positioned:

7. Continue your workflow with a series of conditions and actions (depending on your scenarios).

8. Your workflow is ready! All you need to do now is publish it!

Wow, what a workflow! Do you want to duplicate it? Simply go to Automation > Workflow and click on this icon:

More tips:

  • To review the settings for an element, double-click on the block, update the elements in the pop-up window and then click “Confirm”. 

  • To linked one element to another, click on the source element and then on the white circle that appears to the right. Click and hold to pull the arrow to the destination element. When you release the button the two elements will now be linked.

  • In your workflow, set a minimum timeframe of three days, ideally seven when the following condition is a download.

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