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Result of my email campaign on inbox
My campaign email does not display correctly in my mailbox, why?
My campaign email does not display correctly in my mailbox, why?

An image that is too big, a rendering that is out of sync... Avoid unpleasant surprises by consulting this article.

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The Plezi email editor is designed to display your emails optimally on the vast majority of email clients, versions, tools, etc. It is well known that each email client has its own HTML interpretation, which may cause you to notice slight differences in the way your email campaign is rendered, depending on the tool from which you are viewing it: squarer rounded corners on one, darker images on another, etc.

In general, we invite you before each sending to :

  • Send you a test of your email campaign;

  • Consult this email on different devices;

  • And if you want to ensure optimal rendering "everywhere, everywhere, everywhere": don't hesitate to use a multi-tool pre-visualisation tool, such as Litmus.

If you notice too many layout concerns, the following points will probably answer your questions 😉

My image stretches to the full width of my mobile screen

The email editor is designed to make all Plezi blocks "mobile-responsive". One of the rules is to stretch the images (outlined by blue dotted lines) to the full width of the mobile screen. Don't forget to check the mobile version and the desktop version of your email, by clicking on these buttons at the bottom of the editor:

This will avoid unpleasant surprises when you send your campaign, such as a small image that stretches across the mobile screen with an ultra-pixelated look 😅. If you don't want the image to stretch, it's probably a case of choosing another block that will work better for you.

The layout of the email is completely off

Don't panic! This is probably due to the fact that there is at least one image larger than 600 pixels in your email; this image could shift the entire width of the email. Indeed, the length of the block is 600px, if you add an image of 500px for example next to a text block, it will give a width of more than 600px which will shift the layout. To avoid this, please check that your image is of a suitable size (300-400px maximum width) before uploading it.

Most email clients automatically convert the image size for optimal rendering, but others (notably some older desktop versions of outlook) do not.

To avoid this problem, check that all the images in your campaign are less than 600 pixels wide.

The HTML block I coded and added in the editor does not display or displays badly

The HTML code in our Plezi blocks is designed to be displayed correctly in your mailbox; anything to do with your own code is out of our hands. 😅

We invite you to check your HTML code (for example, on jfsfiddle) to verify the status of the code.

You didn't find a solution to your problem? Don't hesitate to let us know on intercom!

Good to know!

You notice a bad display on a forwarded campaign email: this is possible. More explanations in this FAQ article.

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