Forwarding an email campaign directly from your mailbox is not a very good idea...

👉🏼 We guarantee the functionality and display of email campaigns when forwarded from Plezi, to an email box. Everything is done so that clickable links are recipient specific, set up with UTMs related to your campaign and Plezi instance, etc.

The next step, i.e. transmission, is subject to a completely different interpretation depending on your email client 🧐

Outlook, in particular, will do as it pleases by moving blocks, modifying links, even deleting CTA buttons. This is the result of an interpretation of an email campaign that has already been interpreted once: the result can be disturbing!


  • If you make a test mailing that you want to pass on to someone else: send them the email directly from the Plezi test mailing or share the preview with them;

  • If you are sending/receiving an email campaign that you want to pass on to another person: share the opening URL in the browser instead, removing the specific parameters of the email campaign (UTM);

  • If you want to send the campaign to several people: why not make a dedicated "mini-campaign"?

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