How to check my DNS?

Discover the easy way to check your DNS configuration (subdomain delegations).

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Have you set up your DNS? Bravo ! All that's left to do is to check that everything is good before taking Plezi in hand :) 

A sub-domain is an extension of your domain name. For example, is a sub-domain of
You, or your webmaster, have created your DNS by following the implementation guide that was given to you, as well as this article.
By following the Implementation Guide, you have set up 7 DNS at your domain name manager (Gandhi, OVH, etc.). 

Are you sure that ALL your subdomains have been created? 

If so, you will be able to proceed to the checks.
This step is crucial to the proper functioning of your Plezi. 

Check my DNS 

This site is a quick and easy way to check your domain's DNS records.

2. Enter the contents of the column "host" in the search field ;

Enter the contents of the "Host" column in the search field; in the Plezi configuration guide, enter the contents of the "Host" column in the search field. For example, (mail routing) or (landing page hosting). 

NB : Check that there is no : 

  • space.

  • www. from before

  • dot at the end

3. Select 'CNAME' from the drop-down list;
4. Click on 'SEARCH';
You will see a series of icons appear one after the other. The contents shown must be identical to what is shown in the "Data" column of the installation guide. 

==> Bingo! This DNS is validated. Bravo :)

But no, there is a majority of red crosses?
==> That's not good. Go back to your manager to check that you have created and copied the DNS concerned.

In general, the propagation time may not be immediate. It can last up to 24 hours. So repeat the process a few hours later, or even the next day.  

5. Repeat the procedure (steps 2 and 3) for each DNS.
After you have done your 7 checks...
Is it all good? All that's left to do is to send us a little mail at, for : 

Confirm that all your DNS settings are correct.
Let us know your doubts if it is not the case ;)
This confirmation from us is necessary before you can start using Plezi in the best possible way. 

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