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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: our tips for posting on social networks with Plezi
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: our tips for posting on social networks with Plezi

Distribution schedule, sending frequency, tips & tricks to save time on Plezi!

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Prerequisite :

  • Have you added your collaborators' social networks?

  • If you are promoting an ebook, have you created a Landing Page?

The social networks used by Plezi are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Plezi's capabilities are not as extensive as if you were posting directly from each of the networks: we use the capabilities offered by their APIs.

However, the power of Plezi lies in:

  • the ability to post on the social networks of all your collaborators who accept it and thus boost your audience;

  • the gathering in one tool (and therefore the historisation) of all your marketing actions concerning your content...

However, you should be aware that if your posts come from social networks without going through Plezi, Plezi will still be able to track the visitors that come from this source.

This article aims to explain what you can do on each of the social networks from Plezi.

Our recommendations in terms of frequency:

We know that the duration of a post is quite short: between a few minutes on Twitter and about ten hours on LinkedIN.> If you plan to post on all the company's accounts at the same time, you will have an impact on the day... not more ;)

If you post at the same time for all your collaborators, your content will be seen by the same people at the same time... Your audience may become saturated!

> Moreover, it is not very natural to post all at the same time! Why not spread out over time? That way, it looks like each contributor posted at a time that suited him or her.

Our recommendations:

  • Spread the posts out over time: run your promotion for 5 months to give your content maximum visibility... and thus make it profitable!

  • At Plezi, we start with 50 posts per content. By way of comparison, we have 16 employees at the time of writing this article:

  • --> 2/3 on Facebook, which is not really our target

  • --> Twitter: we post on D / D+2 / 7 / 14 / 1 Month / 2 months on all accounts

  • --> LinkedIn: D / D+1 week / D+1 month on all accounts

Tips & Tricks!

  • If you're wondering about image sizes on social networks, here's a guide updated in 2019 ;

  • If you are administering a page from your own account, it must be connected to Plezi for you to post to the page.

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