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How do I link Plezi to my social media networks?
How do I link Plezi to my social media networks?

Boost your audience by posting on your social media and colleagues’ accounts to reach more people!

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Do you have a business account on the three social media networks catered for by Plezi? (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

To add your social media networks:

Plezi lets you add your business accounts but also those of your colleagues when promoting your products and services: expand your audience and give them your expert point of view!

  1. Click on “+ Social media account”;

  2. Choose the social media network that you want to add: if you know your login details, click on “Link my account”. Otherwise, you can invite someone to login to their Plezi account.

  3. Add as many as you need.

Tips and Tricks!

You don’t need to have a user account on Plezi to be able to link your account.

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