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How do I add my tracking link to all the pages on my site?
How do I add my tracking link to all the pages on my site?

Use a plugin to automatically place your tracking link on all your pages

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To find your tracking script in your Plezi, go here!

The tracking script allows Plezi to track visits to your site & pre-fill your forms. You need to add it on all pages of your site, and this can be done automatically, by downloading a plugin. Small example below.

To add a plug in and use it to duplicate my tracking link on all pages of my website:

1. Go to the back-office of your WordPress website;

2. Click on "Add" to add a plugin;

3. Type "Tracking script manager" in the search bar;

4. Click on "Install now";

5. Click on "Activate"

Well done, you have now added this plug-in :) It's time to use it!

6. Click on "Tracking script manager" in the left column;

7. Copy your tracking code here and paste it on the configuration window in wordpress;

Good job!

Your tracking script is now well installed everywhere. Now you just have to watch the stats go up in your Plezi :)

Tips and Tricks!

  • Want to check if your tracking script is installed everywhere (and you're a bit geeky)? Inspect your page and look for the "osslead" value: all our tracking scripts include it. Is it present? Well done!

  • You can also test your tracking script directly in Plezi, here is how.

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