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How does Plezi count a visit?
How does Plezi count a visit?

Why can't I find exactly the same figures as in Google Analytics?

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What is a visit in Plezi?

When someone arrives on your website, a visit is initiated. Plezi then tracks all visits made by that person to pages hosted under your domain name. The visit continues until there is a 30 minute period of inactivity by that visitor on your pages.

Thus, it is still the same visit if :

  • A visitor closes a page on your site, then returns to another page on your site 29 minutes later.

  • A visitor leaves a page of your site open and returns to it 29 minutes later.

What is a session in Google Analytics?

To define a visit, Google Analytics takes more parameters into account than Plezi. For more information, you can read the article "Defining a web session in Analytics" from Google support.

Why can't I find exactly the same number of visits between Plezi and Google Analytics?

1. They are two different tools, with different workings

Google collects data in bulk, whereas our tracking approach is more inbound oriented: we detect visitors' IP addresses, load their browser cookies and reconcile the data to recognise those we already know.

The tracking rules and the time they take into account will therefore never be exactly the same.

2. In some cases, Plezi does not take bounces into account

To generate a visit, Plezi collects some essential information for inbound marketing strategies (IP, cookies, referer). Generally, this data is collected in less than a second. In some cases (poor connection, unsuitable device, long page load), it may take a few seconds longer to retrieve all the necessary information. If your visitor leaves the page or goes back during this time, the visit will not be identified.

3. Taking into account visits made by robots differs

🤓 Did you know that more than half of all internet tracking is done by robots? And that an important part of these robots belong to Google? It is normal, at first sight, that Google is better able to identify them. However, you should know that bots (whether good or bad) are constantly evolving and that there will never be an exact science to know them all. By default, Google does not filter robot visits. But it is possible to request it by checking the box in Administration > View settings > Robots filtering (non-retroactive). From then on, Google will have a fairly full (but never complete) list of bots to filter. Plezi, on the other hand, filters bots visits automatically. They are listed and updated regularly by the R&D team. However, this list can never be as complete as the one collected by the Google authority. In concrete terms:

If your settings are default in GA and Plezi: expect to see your Google traffic higher than Plezi. The difference depends on many parameters. We invite you to filter bots dare-dare 🤖 !

If bot tracking is filtered in Google: you may see 10-15% more Plezi traffic than Google traffic, which has a longer list of bots to filter. On the other hand, the delta of hits should be less than 5%.

Tips & Tricks!

  • In "Conversion tracking" in the "Reports" tab, the number of new visitors per month is shown.

  • The number displayed on the "Visits" tab at the top of the page corresponds to the visits of the day.

  • At the top of the "Visits" page, the visitors and visits are counted since the 1st day of the current month.

  • You can filter certain IP addresses or user agents (=robots) in Plezi Configuration > Web

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