To import your database to your Plezi account, look here!


  • What language is your Plezi account in? If it’s in English, it will only understand English values (the same applies for French). Be careful not to mix the two.
  • Have you configured your fields and created your lists of values?
  • Have you identified which contacts to import (a sound database is required to develop your reputation and optimise your deliverability)?
  • Have you checked that the cells perfectly match the wording in your lists of values (cases, capitals, spelling, spaces etc.)?
  • Is your file definitely a CSV file?
  • On Mac: use “CSV Windows”;
  • On Windows use “Comma delimited”

Must you add your super contacts?

Download our example file to use as a template.


To import your contacts

  1. Check that your import file does not contain any errors.
  2. You’ll find the main kinds of errors in this article.
  3. Go to “Configuration > Import contacts”;
  4. Click on “+ Import”;
  5. Browse for your CSV file;
  6. Click on “next step”;
  7. Choose the type of import: create new contacts or also update existing contacts?
  8. Name your contact list if you want to find it later in the form of a static list in your contact lists.
  9. Mapping: reconcile the column headings in your file and the different fields that you have defined in Plezi;
  10. Click “Import your contacts”
  11. Plezi will then offer to take you to your contacts and will send you a short email summarising the main import information;
  12. The number of contacts initially present in the file;
  13. The number of contacts updated in Plezi;
  14. The number of newly created contacts’
  15. The number of errors.

Watch the video guide:

[video coming soon]

Read the following articles:

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Existing contacts are identified using the email address;
If a field is not mapped, the import will take place excluding this field (which will not be entered/updated);
10,000 is the maximum number of rows (or contacts) that you can import.
By default, if you leave the NPAI and Opt-In columns empty, Plezi will consider them to be NPAI “No” and Opt-In “Yes”. If you leave these columns empty, your contacts will definitely be part of your email-campaign sending lists.

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