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My import doesn’t seem to be working
My import doesn’t seem to be working

If the import doesn’t work, you’ll find the most frequent explanations in this article.

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To view all of your imports in Plezi, take a look here!


  • Have you carried out an initial import?

  • The larger your import, the more time it will take to upload: 1-2 minutes if importing >1K contacts, 20 minutes if importing 10,000 contacts. Advice: don’t worry, just wait a few minutes before you start to question your table 😉

A. My file isn’t loading / nothing is being imported

This is often due to empty cells/rows/columns. Make sure that:

  • Your first row definitely corresponds to your fields (headings);

  • In your first row, there aren’t any empty cells between the first and last filled column;

  • You don’t have any hidden rows/columns;

  • At the end of your table, there isn’t a significant number of empty rows/columns. This can happen in certain xls/xlsx tables with thousands of rows!

  • Your table has fewer than 10,000 contacts.

B. My file was imported but there are errors

Once your import has finished, you can consult the associated error report in “Configuration > Contact import”. If some contacts could not be imported, this file will tell you why in the final column.

Here are the two most frequent types of error:

  1. The email address has no mail exchanger record (MX record) configured on its domain.

This means that the email address doesn’t exist:

  • Either because it has been written incorrectly. E.g. no @, .co instead of .com etc.

  • Or because the domain doesn’t exist. E.g. instead of

2. The value XX is not possible for the YY field

For multiple-selection-type fields and dropdown lists: the values in your file must correspond exactly to the values that you find in Configuration > Contact Qualification – List of values.

❗ Pay attention to spellings, cases, punctuation and spacing ❗

If there are any differences at all, Plezi will block the import in order not to inundate your forms with all of these incorrect values.

You haven’t found out why your import hasn’t worked?

Let’s discuss it over chat😉

Tips and Tricks!

  • If you make a mistake when importing your contacts, don’t panic! You still have 12 hours to cancel it by clicking on the trash can icon.

  • It is not possible to have two contacts associated with the same email address on Plezi, because the email address qualifies a contact;

  • If you use special characters, such as “,”, “<” or “-“ or any other uncommon characters, you must add quotation marks around the text in each of the cells;

  • The presence of line breaks in your cells will result in special characters being inserted during the Plezi import (e.g. _x000D_). Avoid having these in your CSV file before carrying out your import so you don’t find any in your Plezi contact records.

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