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Create a CAPTCHA for your forms on Plezi
Create a CAPTCHA for your forms on Plezi

Noticing bots submitting your forms? Create a CAPTCHA on your forms.

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This article will detail the steps to create a home-made CAPTCHA on Plezi to counter spam.

1 - Create a free text field

To create a new field go to this page and "Add a new field".

The type of field created must be a single-line text field and the title must correspond to the simple operation that your visitors will perform.

2 - Configure the field in your webform template(s)

To integrate the field in your form template(s) go to this page

You must then Edit the form template(s) on which you wish to integrate this CAPTCHA.

Integrate the field in your model :

Sauvegarder et Mettez à jour les formulaires associés.

3 - Define the field rules in your webform template(s)

Edit the created field

Check the boxes Visible, Mandatory and uncheck the box Pre-fill with existing value

Then add a rule to this field: Must contain > Response of your operation

Then save these rules

Save and update the associated forms again

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