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Contact lists : To segment your database
Contact lists : To segment your database

Find out all about the potential of contact lists!

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The contact list is one of my favorite features on Plezi!

Why? Because it lets you isolate contacts based on various elements.

You can find out how many contacts come from the CRM and have downloaded a particular landing page, or which contacts open your emails but never download any content...

The field of possibilities is enormous 🚀

List rules

Contact ownership :

You have access to all your contacts' fields, from the first name and surname of the company to any fields you may have created (e.g. project deadline, number of employees, etc.).

But if you have a connection between your CRM and Plezi, you can also find the status and type of contacts in the lists, so you can, for example, isolate only your customers to send them a special communication 💌

Content :

If you want to know who submitted a landing page, a form, requested content this is the property that will suit you best!

Email :

Who hasn't opened my emails in the last 3 months? Or on the contrary, who opens the latest emails but never clicks on them?

This list property will tell you!

Web tracking :

This is where you can filter contacts based on badges.

Workflow :

Who participated in my workflow, or who didn't? Who left it? This will allow you to create and export a list of contacts, and see them at a glance (rather than going to each contact's file, for example).

Scoring :

Need to isolate contacts by score? With this condition you have a nice range that you can use for buying phase cycles, MQL score...

Smart campaign :

Have you always wanted to know which contacts have been dropped because they haven't opened an email? Your wish has come true!

Unsubscribers? That's possible too! Those in the campaign? Yes !

How do I build a list?

If I build the list in the same block, this means AND :

In this list, I want the contacts whose function is Head of Marketing AND who have requested the "Contact request" content.

However, if I click on the + :

This displays a new part, splitting the block in two.

This gives: In this list, I want the contacts whose function is Head of Marketing OR who have requested the "Contact request" content.

If this is what I choose, in my list I'll have ALL the Heads of Marketing, AND all the people who requested the "Contact request" content.

Not sure how you built the list ?

Here's how to check in 5 minutes:

  • Export the list

  • Open it in Excel

  • Filter the column you want to see (far right in Excel)

For example, if I wanted to check that I'd built my list correctly, I'd look for the Head of Marketing function in the list.

It is, great ! If not, I'll go back to my list and see if there are two blocks instead of one.

Sample lists

We've isolated a few examples of lists that can be used by everyone

Who are the leads that arrived on my Plezi by submitting a form or landing page ?

Do my Ads campaigns work and therefore earn MQLs ?

The score shown is 30, but you can find your MQL score in the menu Configuration > Plezi configuration > Lifecycle.

Who visited my service page and submitted a contact form ?

This list will give you the contacts who have taken the action of visiting and submitting a form, but it is not possible to know the order in which this was done via the list. You'll have to go to the contact's file to find out.

Who opened my email, clicked on the CTA where my landing page was... and submitted the form ?

🤖. To know: The Open function has been added because more and more companies are equipped with clicker robots that will click on links to see if they contain viruses or are phishing links

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